Enterprise Cloud Computer Visions
The system that helps improve your manufaturing & grow your business.

Our Goal

We are aiming to improve your production by our smart vision solution, and ultimately grow your business.

Our Products

We provide individual software and hardware like flexible building blocks as well as a full solution package.

Auotmated Vision Control Hub

Compatiable with most industrial PLC and industrial cameras. Comes with front end supervisory and display software, too.

Enterprise Vision API

A local cloud computer vision service for your manufacturing only. Fast response, high security and full control of your images and data.

Various Client Applications

Web based or desktop applications for different stakeholders from different departments with different purposes.

Our Technology

Enterprise Cloud Vision Services covers all elements from your productions line to your offices.

Your Benefits

Our ultimate goal is to bring the success to your products and brand.

High Quality

Improve the quality of your outgoing products with guaranteed standards.

Great Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your production, save unnecessary yield lost.

Low Cost

Reduce the long term labour cost and gain from improved yields.

Contact Us

C Squared Visions Ltd.

Unit 28, Innovation Centre
Southampton Science Park
2 Venture Road, Chilworth, Southampton, UK, SO16 7NP
Email: info@c2visions.com